100 Social Media Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Do You Struggle To Come Up With Ideas For Social Media Content? Are You Uncertain Where To Start? Check out this list of 100 social media content ideas (plus a few extras at the end) for small businesses! You’ll definitely find something to help you connect...

Benefits to Having a Website

Are you one of those people who askes ‘Does my Business need a website? It may be that you have been connecting quite nicely on Social Media or you sell online through your Etsy Store, so you’re not sure if you need to have a Website? But the simple answer is…YES your business does need a website!

5 Goals for Scheduling Social Media Content

People are always talking about the several roles involved in running a business - boss, administrative assistant, social media strategist, marketing director, accountant, copywriter… the list goes on. Most days we find ourselves doing strange, frantic dances, running...
MSP 2016 Spokesmodels Search | McKinney, TX

MSP 2016 Spokesmodels Search | McKinney, TX

I am so excited to finally post this ANNOUNCEMENT and introduce my new MSP (Michelle Standerfer Photography) 2016 Spokesmodels PROGRAM. I AM looking for stylish, fabulous, and highly motivated dancers to represent my brand and business. Dancers from all over the...

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what’s the point

what’s the point

I named my new adventure Pointe la Vie, meaning Pointe Life, in an effort to reach and capture the lives of all artists in the dance and athletic worlds who ... wait for it...point their TOES!!! I started out with ballerinas because it was the most obvious and also my...

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