100 Social Media Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Do You Struggle To Come Up With Ideas For Social Media Content? Are You Uncertain Where To Start?

Check out this list of 100 social media content ideas (plus a few extras at the end) for small businesses! You’ll definitely find something to help you connect with your target audience and drive traffic to your website.

Once you see how simple it is and how many different things you can post on your social media channels, you’ll find it will get easier. Some of the following ideas are continuous, some can be reposted throughout the year, and some will give you new ideas, collaborations, and customers. And remember, have FUN!  No one wants to feel like this is WORK!

1. Introduce Your Business

What do you do? Who are you? What is the purpose of your business? 

2. Share Your Story

Why did you start your business? What keeps you up with ideas in the middle of the night?

3. Highlight Your Crew

Let people know who they’ll be working with if they choose your business. Share some fun facts about each person.  Keep it light and fun! 

4. Showcase Your Products Or Services

Show people examples of products you offer and give them a taste of what you have to offer.

5. Share Customer Testimonials 

Let people know what others think. If you’re not sure how to get these, we will share some ideas in another post.     

6. Offer An Exclusive Coupon

Who doesn’t loves a good deal; share a time-sensitive coupon with your audience.  

7. Host A Contest Or Giveaway

People definitely love free stuff, which is always a great way to get people chatting about your business.     

8. Share Industry News

Give people the SCOOP on what’s going on in your industry.

9. Offer Advice Or Tips

Be the SME (Subject Matter Expert) in your field by sharing your knowledge.

10. Share BTS 

This is not your favorite boy band, it means, give people a peek into what goes on behind the scenes of your business.   

11. Host A Live Event

Give people a reason to come see you in person. Partner with another like minded business and invite your common customer to come visit you. Share events in your area and bring the community together.

12. Celebrate A Social Media Milestone

Celebrate your successes with your followers, like thanks for 1000 followers!

13. Collaborate With Other Businesses

Team up with complementary businesses for cross-promotion.      

14. Show Your Support 

Join forces to support a local cause and let people know about it. 

15. Offer Customer Service

Take the opportunity to offer quick customer service answers.  This is a content idea that you can repost, rince and repeat, because there will continuously be new followers finding your business and having the same customer service questions. 

16. Conduct A Survey

Create an easy survey and get feedback from your followers on various topics.    

17. Ask An Impossible Question 

Ask a question that you know will stir a feather rustling response, like “Do Bananas Belong on PB & J?” Of course, the answer is YES! 

18. Share Your Groups or Organizations 

Share about a group or community you are a part of, like being involved with your local Chamber, the nearest artist group, or even a Networking group that meets regularly.

19. Create A Series

Create a series of content that you can publish over a period of time. I created this 5-part content creation series for small business owners and posted it to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.   

20. Ask For Advice

People LOVE to give their advice on topics. Ask for advice on something common like the best local burger place, or best place to find natural products in your city.      

21. Share Original Content of Your Merch

Share a photo of your business’ merch, like a shirt or hat. Don’t have any? Use Canva and mock up a shirt and ask people what they think.  

 22. Share A Song

Do you have a favorite song or playlist that gets you motivated? Share it with your followers.  Link back to Spotify to help with your SEO. 

23. Comment on a daily event in your town/or state

Comment on the weather, the season, or a current event to get people talking.  

24. A Daily Theme

Create a daily theme like the common throwback Thursday, or maybe create one of your own. Wisdom Wednesday, Tips & Tricks Tuesday.  Don’t complicate it!

25. Post About The Holidays

Share holiday-themed content or offers leading up to popular holidays. Hallmark has Holidays most people didn’t know existed.  Tap into that resource and make it your best friend! 

26. Use Metrics/Insights To Re-Post Content

Pay attention to which content does best and re-post a slightly different version or just post the same thing again.      

27. A/B Test Post

Try different versions of similar posts to see which performs better.      

28. Share A Unique Example

Share a unique example of your products or services in use. How is someone using them in a unique way or maybe something different than the norm?      

29. Collaborate With Influencers

Team up with popular influencers in your industry to get your business in front of their followers. NOTE: THIS TAKES TIME AND PATIENCE..keep at it and message a large number of people before expecting any response.

30. Host A Webinar Or Q&A

Give your followers a chance to learn more about your business or ask questions.      

31. Give A Tour 

Give your followers a virtual tour of your office, store, or factory.   

32. Share Customer Stories

Highlight how your products or services have helped solve specific problems for customers.

33. Offer Exclusive Deals

Give your social media followers access to exclusive deals and discounts.

34. Show What You’re Working On

Show what you are working on today. Show your desk, your process, or how your project is going. This is similar to BTS, but maybe less extensive.

35. Share Expert Interviews

Make arrangements to interview experts in your industry and share their insights with your followers.  

36. Share A Podcast

Be a guest on an industry podcast and share your interview on their show. 

37. Offer A Discount

Give your social media followers a code for a discount on your products or services. This may have a limited time or Share with a Friend opportunitiy. 

38. Announce A New Product Or Service

Let people know about any new offerings from your business.      

39. Share A Before And After

This can be super impactful depending on the type of business you have. Show how your business makes a difference by sharing a before and after of what you do.       

40. Repurpose Your Content

Repurpose a video into smaller short videos or a blog post into small bite-sized chunks. You could easily get 5-10 or more posts from one piece of content you’ve already made.

41. Give A Sneak Preview

Have you changed your office, your website, or your headshot? Give people a sneak peek of something new you have coming up.

42. Celebrate Your Business Milestones

Share how long you’ve been in business or how many customers you have served.     Or how about sharing about your ribbon cutting?

43. Share Company News

Keep people up to date on any news or announcements from your business.

44. Introduce New Team Members

Show off your growing team with introductions and photos.

45. Answer Common Questions

You know, those ones you hear over and over. Have a running list of common questions you get from customers and answer them.

46. Share How-To Posts

Teach people how to do something related to your business or industry.

47. Share Infographics

Break down complex information into easy-to-understand visuals.

48. Share Quotes

Inspire your followers with quotes from well-known figures in your industry.

49. Ask Questions

Get people talking with open-ended questions related to your business or industry.

50. Share Your Own Top Ten or Thank You List

Just like Letterman or Fallon, make your own top ten. Top ten tools, top ten websites, top ten people to follow…make it a running theme.

51. Share Statistics

Use data and statistics to back up your claims and add credibility to your content.

52. Compare Products Or Services

Show people how your offerings stack up against the competition.

53. Offer Free Resources

Give away helpful resources, such as eBooks, templates, or checklists.

54. Curate A List

Compile a list of helpful resources, such as tools, websites, or books.

55. Share An E-Book Or Guide

Give away a helpful eBook or guide related to your business or industry.

56. Offer A Template

Provide a template, such as a contract, invoice, or job application.

57. Share A Checklist

Give people a checklist of things to do, such as a list for a organizing a room or a list of maintenance tasks.

58. Share An Event Calendar

Help people stay up to date on upcoming events in your industry.

59. Share A Product

Have a product you use every day that makes your day run better? Share it with your audience. It could be a photo or a video of how it helps you.

60. Share A Case Study

Show how your products or services have helped solve specific problems for customers.

61. Offer A Free Trial

Let people try out your products or services before they buy them.

62. Provide A Demonstration

Show people how your products or services work with a video or live demonstration.

63. Share A Testimonial

Showcase what others are saying about your business with positive reviews and testimonials.

64. Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee

Let people know that they can return your products or services if they’re not satisfied.

65. Provide Free Shipping

Offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. Make sure this fits within your opperating expenses and budget.  No sense in loosing money if you can help it.

66. Offer A Price Match

Let people know that you’ll match the price of a competitor’s product or service.

67. Give A Percentage Off

Offer a certain percentage off orders of your products or services.

68. Bundle Products Or Services

Offer a discount when people purchase multiple products or services at once.

69. Collaborate With Another Business

Team up with another business for a joint promotion or giveaway.

70. Sponsor An Event

Let people know that you’re sponsoring an upcoming event. 

71. Give Back To The Community

Share how your business gives back to the community, such as through donations or volunteer work.

72. Pay It Forward

Encourage your social media followers to pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else.

73. Highlight Local Connections When Working Together

Highlight any collaborations you’re working on with other businesses.

74. Share User-Generated Content

Re-share photos or videos that your customers have posted of your products or services.

75. A Day In The Life

Make a montage video of a day in the life of you. Show how your days go with clips of all the things you do each day.

76. Ask For Feedback

Give two examples of your products or designs and ask people which they like best. People LOVE to give feedback, so watch the engagement roll in.

77. Cohost A Webinar

Create a co-event with another business that you can come together and offer both of your audiences.

78. Teach A Class

Let people know about any classes or workshops that you’re teaching.

79. Speak At An Event

Let people know if you’re speaking at an upcoming event.

80. Share A Blog Post

Share your latest blog post with your social media followers.

81. Share A Video

Post a video, such as a product demonstration or customer testimonial, to your social media channels.

82. Go Live On Social Media

Do a live video on social media, such as a walk through of your facility or a Q&A session with your team.

83. Save The Date

Share a save-the-date to your social media accounts for an upcoming event.

84. Share A Giveaway

Create a giveaway related to your products to get more engagement.

85. Fill In The Blank

Finish a sentence or phrase and ask people to finish it in the comments.

86. Share A Poll

Create a poll and ask people to vote on the option that they agree with the most.

87. Run A “Best Of” Contest

Invite people to submit entries for a “best of” contest, such as for the best photo or video, and then choose a winner. 

88. Wish Someone A Happy Birthday

Send birthday wishes to one of your social media followers, employees, or customers. 

89. Congratulate Someone On Their Accomplishment

Congratulate someone on their recent achievement, such as landing a new job or winning a competition.

90. Ask For Wrong Answers

Share an up-close photo of an item related to your industry and ask, “what is this? Wrong answers only.”

91. Hiring And New Positions

Are you hiring?  Post your available positions to your followers.   

92. Thank Someone For Their Business

Thank someone for their business and let them know that you appreciate their support.

93. Give A Sneak Peek

Give people a sneak peek of a new product or service that you’re launching.   

94. Share An Event Preview

 Share an overview of an upcoming event, such as a trade show or conference, that you’re attending.   

95. Share A Post From Another Business

Share a blog post from another company that your customers would find valuable. Be sure to tag the other company and shout out why you love the post.

96. Highlight A Press Mention

Share any news articles, blog posts, or other mentions that your company has received in the press. 

97. Invite A Guest Writer

 Invite someone to write a guest post for your blog. 

98. Share An Industry Study Or Report

Share an industry study or report that you’ve read recently. 

99. Offer A Freebie

Offer a free item that would attract your clients to engage with your post or website such as downloadable content. 

100. Participate In A Social Media Challenge

Participate in a social media challenge, such as the 10-day Instagram Challenge or the 30-day TikTok Challenge.

If 100 ideas wasn’t enough for you, here’s just a few more to get you through the week!

101. Share Your Newsletter Sign-Up

Your email list belongs to YOU and not any social media platform. Get more people on your email list by sharing your newsletter sign-up. Creating a newsletter is as simple as using a few items from this list of 100 ideas and sending them to your audience!  Be sure to share what value they will gain from signing up and not just say, “sign up for my newsletter.”

102. Share Photos Or Video From An Event

Share photos from an event that you’ve attended, such as a company party or team-building activity.

103. Create A Social Media Template

Create a social media template, such as a branded hashtag or profile picture frame, for people to use.  This can easily be done on the FREE VERSION of CANVA!

104. Share A Review 

Did you get another 5-star review? Share a screenshot of the praise.

105. Celebrate Today’s Special Day 

Did you know that there are special days for just about everything that you can “celebrate?” Are you a Star Wars fan? Celebrate May 4 (May the 4th be with you) or maybe tacos are your thing and National Taco Day is for you. There are fun calendars that share all these dates so you can get into the celebrating mood. Find something you like, something that goes with your business or just something fun.

106. Shout Out

Another social media post idea is to shout out another business that you have worked with, visited, or just deserves some attention.

107. Limited Time Offer

Social media is a great place to share limited-time offers so you can get a buzz before closing down an offer.

Social Media Post Ideas

These are just a few social media post ideas to get you started – there are endless possibilities for what you can post on social media, so get creative!

The key is to focus on creating content that is interesting and relevant to your target audience. If you do that, you’ll be sure to engage and grow your social media following in no time.


Still, wrestling with how to get started? Book a Free Strategy Call with us and we can show you how you can take your business to another level.


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