What You Need to Know About Creating a Holiday Marketing Strategy 

Where did the year go? It seems like just yesterday we were talking how hot it was and fixating on our AC bill. Now, here we are, and it’s time to start talking about your upcoming holiday branding strategy. We’re actually a little late ourselves getting this out.  But we’ll help you navigate along the way. If you really want your campaigns to be successful, you have to start thinking about holiday digital marketing now! The longer you wait to start putting together your Q4 holiday calendar, the more opportunities you’ll lose to your competitors. Fortunately for you, we’ve designed this Q4 marketing strategy calendar to help you get going!

Why is it Important to Have a Q4 Monthly Marketing Planner?

Unless you luck into it, success doesn’t come without goal setting and planning. You should start the process of getting your seasonal marketing calendar ready long before the holidays actually arrive. If you wait until the turkey’s on the table, you won’t have time to properly strategize your campaigns or change directions  if you run into problems. However, when you give yourself a runway to get things all laid out, you’ll be set for lift-off when it’s time to show your brand around the busiest buying season of the year.

Q4 is traditionally associated with large amounts of consumer spending since it aligns with the busy holiday season and lots of gift-giving. Sure, this means B2C brands get the bulk of the business, but B2B brands can also capitalize during this time of year.

For B2B brands, this is a great time to take advantage of the fact that some companies will have amazing opportunities to collaborate and reach like-minded customers. This is also a time of year in which some companies will have lighter workloads and are more willing to take the time to hear you out about your products or services.

For B2C brands, the opportunities are seemingly endless. With several dates on the calendar that consumers are paying attention to, you can build brand awareness and boost authentic relationships with your audience if you take the time to plan your calendar right.

Your Q4 Digital Marketing Calendar 

Let’s get down to business. Q4 is a quarter that’s filled to the brim with possibilities. From email blasts to good old social media posts and one-on-one contact with your customers, October, November, and December can be a gold mine for prepared business owners.   


The spooky season is upon us! As the leaves turn colors and a certain crispness hits the air, sweaters come out of storage, and soup goes into slow cookers. Consumers start to shift their mindsets into the upcoming chilly season, which means this is the time for marketers to shift their mindsets, too. Get your creative juices flowing as fall sets in by planning for these don’t-miss dates: 

  • October 3rd: National Boyfriends’ Day
  • October 5th: World Teachers’ Day 
  • October 10th:Columbus Day 
  • October 10th:World Mental Health Day 
  • October 15th:End of Hispanic Heritage Month 
  • October 24th:Diwali 
  • October 31st:Halloween  

Offer your customers treats (but no tricks!) as you start to get them thinking about the upcoming gift-giving season.  


November is the month in which you want to tap into your followers’ anticipation of the upcoming winter holidays. Before they know it, the festivities will be here, and shoppers are excited to get the ball rolling. This is the month when smart shoppers start looking for great deals and researching ideal gifts for their loved ones.

For business owners, you should use November to educate potential clients about your products, values, and even store hours. Tell people about your return policy, showcase those beautiful customer reviews, and promote your holiday deals.

Of course, it’s during November that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday occur, so these dates should be highlighted in gold on your digital marketing calendar. This is also a month of gratitude, with Thanksgiving and Veterans Day having their own spaces on the calendar. Be sure to reflect your brand’s values where these days are concerned to best connect with your customers.

Here are the can’t-miss dates in November:

November 11th: Veterans Day 

November 24th:Thanksgiving 

November 25th:Black Friday 

November 26th:Small Business Saturday 

November 28th:Cyber Monday 

November 29th: Giving Tuesday 


Alas! The holiday month is here! December is full of reasons to celebrate friends, family, and customers. Remember, your followers are just as excited about the upcoming weeks as you are, but they might be a little stressed to get everything done in time while staying in the holiday spirit. This is a great time to use your marketing smarts to keep them excited by letting them know how you can help.  

Make sure your social media posts offer positive messages to keep your readers in a joyful mood. Promote helpful things you offer, such as free shipping or overnight express shipping. Leverage your digital real estate to be holly, jolly, and helpful. It’s not just about selling; it’s also about joining in on the festivities and thanking people for spending the year with you! 

Here are the dates you need to put on your calendar: 

December 18th:Start of Hanukkah 

December 24th:Christmas Eve 

December 25th:Christmas Day 

December 26th:End of Hanukkah

December 26th: Start of Kwanzaa

December 31st:New Years Eve  

Make the Most of Your Holiday Calendar Campaigns

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We’d love to help you get your quarterly marketing strategized and planned.  If you’d like our FREE Q4 Marketing Planner, follow this link > > HERE < < and sign up to receive this an many more goodies!!

Happy Planning!!!


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