Benefits to Having a Website

Are you one of those people who askes ‘Does my Business need a website? It may be that you have been connecting quite nicely on Social Media or you sell online through your Etsy Store, so you’re not sure if you need to have a Website? But the simple answer is…YES your business does need a website!

Imagine one morning you sit down with your first cup of coffee and you log on to find that your social medial channel has been removed? And that all the work you have put in to building a following and content creation is now gone!

If you think it won’t happen to you, think again! What makes you so certain that it could not happen to you? It can and it does and that is exactly what happened to me a couple of years ago. I had worked extremely hard building a following for my dance photography Instagram page, and one Saturday morning I woke up to find that my IG page had been hacked and I went thru all the hoops to try to get it back and they said, “sorry, there’s nothing we can do to help you”. You can’t even begin to imagine how awful that felt! The only saving grace I had was that my business had a website.  So, stop and ask yourself, Does my Business need a website?

Your social media channels should be the tools in your toolbox, not a place to solely promote your business. It should only be one of the many ways to drive business to your website, not the foundation of your business.

So if you are currently only using Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, or other social media platforms for your online presence, I urge you to consider investing in a website. Having a website is a solid investment in securing your business, especially if you go for a WordPress website.




One of the biggest benefits of having a website is it helps build trust in your business and brand. Without a website, people question your legitimacy as a genuine business.

2  | ONLINE 24/7

Having a website means you are open even when you sleep! Meaning your customers can find you whenever they want.

3  | BRAND

Not only do you showcase your brand but it also helps you create the right first impression. Also having a website can have a massive impact on the success of your business.

4  |  S E O

Believe it or not, your small business can be part of what’s showing up in search engines and getting clicked on in those Google searches. A website helps you double down your efforts on the content you’re already making.


Having a well-designed website sets you apart from your competitors. It also helps you achieve a higher price for your goods and services as you look more professional.

Ready to find out about getting a website for your Business?

Still, asking yourself Does my Business need a websiteWhy not book a Free Strategy Call with us and we can show you how you can take your business to another level.





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