a new beginning!

dallas ballet photography, bethany lakes park

Starting over is never fun.  If you move to a new school or city or state, there’s always an adjustment.  How do you determine what you need in this new place?  Who are your new friends going to be? After taking a year long break, I decided to start my photography business back up again. I had to decide if it was going to be NEW or the same old thing that I had done for the previous 10 years.  2015 was filled with lots of time to think, pray and really seek what God wanted my next steps to be. I realized that my love and passion for photography was being held back by what other people told me I should be photographing. What made the most money, what “other” people were doing.

After a very long thought process, I decided to break the barriers of my fear and work towards photographing what I really love.  For a VERY long time I have desired to photograph dancers.  Dancers from all genres, ballet, lyrical, hip-hop.  Opening up my mind to the possibilities of even photographing cheer leaders and gymnasts.  The opportunities are ENDLESS!! So I got straight to work and found myself a very willing and beautiful model.  She was the best choice to get started with.  Completely humble, selfless, gorgeous inside and out.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to launch my artistry into the dance world as a photographer.  The journey is now long and tedious, but I’m so blessed by what is to come.

Thank you so much to Meredith and her mom for spending an extended amount of time with me as my initial session into this beautiful new opportunity!  Enjoy some of the images from her session.