Detroit Meets Dallas | A Sheraton Dallas Dance Session

I received a very nice email saying, “hey, we’re coming to Dallas and we’d love to do a shoot with you.”  Well, I would never dream of saying NO.  I replied and set up a time to discuss the shoot.  There were several responses back and forth between mom and myself discussing wardrobe, location, where they would be staying while they were in town, yet, I never asked how they heard about me.  I just figured, the dance photography world is a small world, they must’ve talked to a friend, or a choreographer I’ve worked with and decided since they heard from them, that they’d give it a try!

Well, I was entirely WRONG!! And quite frankly I couldn’t be happier being WRONG!  Marin and her mom Andi arrived in Dallas on a cold, wet, rainy day for a dance convention that Marin would be working as an assistant with the instructors from ASH (Artists Simply Human).  An adorable twelve year old from Detroit, Michigan arrives in my town and blows me away by her talent, her drive and best of all her great attitude towards work ethics!  While Marin was getting her hair and makeup done for the shoot, I asked Andi, how they had found me and heard about me.  “Oh, we knew we wanted to get pictures done while we were in Dallas, so we looked on the internet and found you…..”  Really??  No referral, no connection, just a random..we found you on the internet…well THANK YOU INTERNET!!

We had an incredible time exploring the inner corners of the Sheraton, Dallas trying to stay out of the cold and indoors where it was dry.  We did brave for 5 minutes the top of the parking structure for some amazing dramatic shots, but a dancer’s gotta keep warm, so we didn’t stay out there too long.

I know that we had an incredible time because we captured some incredible moments!  Enjoy the highlights from this amazing session!


We had so much fun finding all the hidden treasures inside the hotel.  I love the challenge of creating beauty in unusual circumstances.  Making Marin feel like a model in a magazine shoot was one of my primary goals.  I think we pretty much accomplished that!  She was stunning!!

I couldn’t be happier with the opportunity to meet Marin and her mom!  I’m glad she FOUND ME!  Hopefully someday I can go explore her city and create some magic with her and her friends in Detroit.  Thanks girls for the FUN TIME!

Location:  Sheraton Dallas

Hair/Makeup/Choreography:  Dayton Bramhall

Dancer: Marin Akkashian




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