Welcome to a NEW YEAR!  How exciting!  A way to start over, hit reset.  Re-do all the things you said you were going to last year, but didn’t.  I’m very excited about 2018.  There’s so many things in store and so many fun and exciting adventures happening!

Everyone usually has a WORD at the beginning of the year to carry them through.  To help motivate them and give them purpose.  My word is >  > > F O C U S < < < .  Focus on all things and be crisp and clear about my purpose and passion on everything I do.

I’d like to start off the new year by thanking those who made my 2017 extremely SPECTACULAR.  There are so many of you and the list of those connected to you is ENDLESS!  If I could go back and do ANYTHING different in 2017, it would be to document more of what I experienced.  Sure I photographed a ton of sessions, but they blew by and I never took the time to single out every opportunity and treat it like it were the ONLY thing happening right then and there!  That will change this year, and I’m over the moon about how much is going to change!

Look out 2018 > > > we’re comin’ for ya!!!!!!

Here’s a very special review of the beautiful clients I photographed this past year!!


FAREWELL 2017!  You were full of growth, change, excitement, challenges and prosperity!  I know 2018 is going to exceed all of our expectations!!!



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