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House of Dance Plano is a dance studio where owner Lisa Garretson and her staff are committed to giving students a solid technical foundation in a fun, supportive and energetic environment.  HDP’s passion is giving students the space to dance with heart, enjoy full expression of their uniqueness, develop their skills, grow in confidence and look forward to dance.

As owner and artistic director of House of Dance Plano, Lisa is looking forward to meeting your dancers and is enthusiastic about sharing her passion with them as they start or continue their journey to dance with heart.



I met the founder/owner of House of Dance Plano through a homeschool co-op that my boys attend in Allen.  With my shared passion and love for dance, I asked Lisa if I could come and tour her studio and maybe take some pictures of one of her classes.  I was not prepared for this much cuteness!  These little cuties danced and tapped their little hearts out for a straight 45 minutes.

The studio has so much to offer for all ages!  Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop & even a BARRE BODY class for Adults on Friday evenings.  I might have to check that one out.  If you like a little Zumba, check out their class for adults on Mondays and Tuesdays as well!!

You can check out their schedule >>>>> HERE<<<<<<

Thanks Lisa for letting me come and experience all that your place has to offer!  I’m excited to watch as your dancers grow and develop in their amazing careers.

If you are interested in finding out more about House of Dance Plano, be sure to check out their website.!

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  1. Donna Ruley

    Your photos are spot on!
    You’ve captured the little dancers in their innocence. Fabulous shots!


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